Friday, February 4, 2011

Let's Hear it for those Behind the Scene

I have been in the classrooom. I have been in the lab. I have been the tech support, facilitator, and coach. I have worked with the students, teachers, administrators, IT department, presentors at conferences. I have even put on a very mini conference. And from my experience the one doesn't empathize well for the other. It is time to stop our tongues and verbalizing our thoughts in front of others. Is the point to put the other down or to lift yourself up? If we are truly professionals then we all try our bests and work our fannies off. But it is time to slow down and understand where the other person is coming from.

Filters blocking you? Sorry. Don't lash our on your filter folks, they're purpose is to help keep kids "young" and "innocent" from the TMI that is out there online. Sorry if it blocks something extremely useful. It's intentions were not to do so. So what do you do? Complain about the filter? No. You keep kids safe in the face to face world, and educators should try to keep kids safe in the virtual world too. Instead, write a letter, blog, make a phone call. Explain it purpose, your plans to bring it to the classroom, how you will teach kids how to use it correctly and safely. Ask for it to be unblocked and then be patient. You are not the only thing on the "to do" list. As with most "to do" lists, it is probably miles long. Voice your request, nicely remind your request. But be patient. Know that the other person you are dealing with is a human being with a life, issues, and tasks, too.

Trying to do the latest and greatest? If you keep up with technology with a PLN you have the latest scoop of what is going on out there. You have a kazillion ideas to try out. You are inspired. You are excited. You have a plan. But you need help. If you are a teacher, know that you are not the only one in the building. The tech department works its tail off to try and resolve all issues the best and fastest possible. The department understands that you need it now, and it is crucial but try to understand how many people a tech department the students, plus keep all the equipment running, plus keeping up with the latest and greatest out there. With how fast the online world is multiplying know that one person or department is not an expert in it all. Give them a chance to think, learn, and try.

I could go on forever but I want my post to have one main point. Spiral up. Be professional. No one wants to keep you in a box with limitations. Do not put others down just when they might not be knowledgeable with what you are trying to do. Appreciate hard work. Be patient. Model respect.

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