Monday, September 6, 2010

Posting Teacher's Value Added Scores

After reading, "School Matters: Giving Parents Access to Teachers Ratings: What's There to Hide" article I am very disappointed. Publishing the value added score is just another way to put down the teacher, to criticize the work that he or she does. The teacher is already being evaluated by the principal. Maybe the value added score could serve purpose by teaming up teachers who are excelling and mentor those that need improvements. Or if one must publish these scores I believe other student data should correspond. There is much more information to tell how a teacher is doing his or her job. Maybe data about how many students are tardy, complete homework, have a good night's sleep or a healthy breakfast. Information about the ages of the kids, a class may have more younger children or more immature students compared to the class down the hall. How about discipline issues or the number of inclusion students there are to serve? I do not think showing the class' value added score will do any good in this country. Our focus will turn, once again, to numbers that are not true measurements of a student nor the talent that a teacher has in teaching.

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